Journeys: Interactive Series
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Choose, Feel and LIVE your Story in Journeys, a one-of-a-kind interactive series collection where YOU control the outcome. Travel across beautiful and immersive worlds, filled with Romance, Mystery, Drama and Adventure. Featuring Linda Brown, the award winning romance and mystery story game. ✦ Choose your story and get hooked on our immersive interactive series. ✦ Develop unique relationships with lovable and seductive characters. ✦ Make choices to shape YOUR story, through worlds full of romance, mystery, drama and suspense. ✦ Enjoy stunning visuals from characters to backgrounds, looking like an actual live-action series. ✦ New episodes released weekly, written by award winning TV writers! Current series include: ❖ LINDA BROWN - A promising singer from New York travels to her friend’s wedding in Rio where an amazing adventure begins. Guide Linda in her path towards becoming a music star and help her find her true love. ❖ ZOE: AFRICA’S HEART - Zoe moves to New York to try to have a normal life, away from magic. A detective will involve her in an investigation that will make her rediscover her powers. ❖ PRINCESS BY ACCIDENT - A famous actress meets a handsome car racer that will take her on a fascinating adventure. Help her decide between love and her successful career. ❖ A SUMMER IN TUSCANY - Alex Sinclair is a beautiful and renowned travel influencer who travels to Tuscany to enjoy a vacation at her godfather's house. Unwittingly, she is enveloped in a police mystery and a hot love triangle. ❖ ZOE: SALOMON’S CREEK - New High School, new adventures. Help Zoe as she learns to control her new found powers and makes friends in the mysterious town of Salomon’s Creek. ❖ JOURNALS OF THE UNKNOWN - Jane Goodhart travels to Salem to get to the bottom of her father's mysterious death but she soon discovers Salem's not a place for skeptics... ❖ ROOMMATES - Six young men and women, one apartment, and a meeting that will change their lives forever. Tensions, fights, and love sparks will make living together a fun and engaging adventure. Journeys: Interactive Series is free to play, but you can purchase additional parts of game experiences with real money. To limit the ability to perform in-app purchases, a PIN in the Settings menu from within the Google Play Store can be created. By using this application you agree to our Terms of Service available at https://www.other-guys.com/terms-conditions. For information on data use and collection, you can access our Privacy Policy at https://www.other-guys.com/terms-conditions 在 Journeys 中选择,感受和生活你的故事,这是一个独一无二的互动系列集,您可以在其中控制结果。 穿越美丽而身临其境的世界,充满了浪漫,神秘,戏剧和冒险。 特色 Linda Brown ,获奖浪漫与神秘故事游戏。 ✦选择你的故事,并迷上我们的沉浸式互动系列。 ✦与可爱和诱人的角色建立独特的关系。 ✦通过充满浪漫,神秘,戏剧和悬念的世界,选择塑造你的故事。 ✦享受从角色到背景的惊人视觉效果,看起来像一个真实的真人系列。 ✦每周发布的新剧集,由屡获殊荣的电视剧作家撰写! 目前的系列包括: ❖LINDABROWN - 来自纽约的一位有前途的歌手前往她在里约的朋友婚礼,开始了一场惊人的冒险。引导琳达走向成为音乐明星的道路,帮助她找到真爱。 ❖佐伊:非洲之心 - 佐伊搬到纽约试图过正常的生活,远离魔法。一名侦探将让她参与调查,让她重新发现自己的力量。 ❖事故上的公主 - 一位着名的女演员遇上一位英俊的汽车赛车手,将带她进行一次迷人的冒险。帮助她决定爱与她成功的事业。 ❖在夏天的夏天 - 亚历克斯辛克莱是一位美丽而着名的旅游影响者,前往托斯卡纳度假,在她教父的家中度假。在不知不觉中,她被笼罩在一个警察的神秘和热辣的三角恋中。 ❖ZOE:SALOMON'CREEK - 新高中,新的冒险经历。帮助Zoe学会控制她新发现的力量,并在神秘的Salomon's Creek小镇结交朋友。 ❖未知的期刊 - 简·古德哈特前往塞勒姆去了解她父亲的神秘死亡,但她很快发现萨利姆不是怀疑论者的地方...... ❖房间 - 六位年轻男女,一间公寓,以及一场永远改变生活的会议。紧张,战斗和爱情火花将使生活在一起成为一个有趣和引人入胜的冒险。 旅程:互动系列是免费游戏,但您可以用真钱购买额外的游戏体验。要限制执行应用内购买的功能,可以创建Google Play商店内“设置”菜单中的PIN。使用此应用程序即表示您同意我们的服务条款,网址为https://www.other-guys.com/terms-conditions。有关数据使用和收集的信息,您可以访问我们的隐私政策,网址为https://www.other-guys.com/terms-conditions


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开发商: Gameloft SE
版本号: 2.0.28催更
包来源: 谷歌市场 (普通)
更新日期: 2021-09-16
安卓版本要求: 4.4及更高



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